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Water Systems Filters >> Yamato Water Purifiers WG270/280 NEW

Yamato Water Purifiers WG270/280 NEW

 High Performance Type


"Yamato’s original TOC (Total Organic Carbon) degradation system can maintain A4 (JIS-K0557) level output quality. Distilled water storage tank digitally monitors TOC level." (YAMATO)



Distilled water storage tank digitally monitors TOC level (WG280). 

Display panel & lamp tells when to perform required maintenance. 

Water intake tray is equipped with a drainage system to eliminate concerns about discharge of overflowing water. 

Displays operation status in Japanese or English. 

Both feed and drain can be connected from either side.

Membrane filter is standard equipment.



(with TOC measurement unit)
System  Treatment process Ion exchange -> High-purity cartridge -> Distillation -> UV sterilizing-> Deaeration ->Filtration 
Performance Raw water feeding, waste water discharging  Connection to a tap water faucet with a one-touch coupler (with a sluice valve) Drain water connector on both sides for the connection of a drain hose
Product water Deionized water and distilled water
Production of distilled water Approx. 1.8L/hr. 
Recovery rate of distilled water & deionized water 0.5 - 1L/min. 
Range of production 0.1 - 20L/continuous production
Composition Condenser Hard glass
Heater Ceramic heater 1.4 kW
Pretreatment cartridge 0.1µm diameter hollow fiber + activated carbon(PWF-1)
Ion-exchange resin cartridge 3L Ion-exchange resin cartridge(CPC-N)& 3L High-purity cartridge(CPC-H)
Distilled water storage tank 20L polyethylene tank
Final filter of distilled/deionized water 0.1µm diameter membrane filter for distilled water & deionized water 
Deaeratiing filter of distilled tanking water Deaeration membrane module (MHF)
Vacuum pump for deaeration Diaphragm vacuum pump
TOC quality indication N/A Digital indication
TOC reduction UV lamp UV lamp
Ion Exchange water circulation pump  Electromagnetic Pump
Leakage detection Water leakage sensor shuts down the feed water valve.
Product water intake tray Drawer type, load capacity 10 kg 
Level sensor Five-step reed switch
Specification Raw water feed pressure 0.5 to 5 x 100KPa (0.5 to 5kgf/cm2
Power supply AC100V 15A
External dimension/weight 600Wx660Dx780H/ Approx. 65kg 600Wx660Dx780H/ Approx. 68kg
and settings
Level indications LED 
Quality indication LCD (Conductivity /Receptivity) LCD (Conductivity /Festivity/TOC)
Other indications Replace consumable parts: (Ion-exchange resin cartridge, High-purity cartridge, Pretreatment cartridge, UV sterilizing lamp x 2, Membrane filter Deaeration menbrane module ), Error messages, Alarm messages, Consumable parts replacement History Error messagehistory , Language, Required maintenance
Accessories Feed/Drain water hoses, Scale remover, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion-exchange resin cartridge(CPC-N)High-purity cartridge(CPC-H), Membrane filter

* Water Grade JIS Standard

Grades Conductivity
(µS/cm, max)
Organic Carbon
(mgC/L, max)
(µgZn/L, max)
(µgSi2/L, max)
(µgCl/L, max)
Sulfuric Acid Ions
(µg/L, max)
A1 0.5 1.0 0.5 No limit 10 10
A2 0.1 0.5 0.5 50 2 2
A3 0.1 0.2 0.1 5.0 1 1
A4 0.1 0.05 0.1 2.5 1 1

Product water intake hose unit with a 0.1 μm membrane filter (OWG24)

■Optional accessories
DescriptionProduct code
1. Cart AS250 253174
2. Product water intake hose unit with a 0.1 μm membrane filter OWG24 253204
3. Feed water connector unit OWH10 253686
4. Water Supply Port Unit OWG42 253769
5. Drain water trap OWI10 253211

■Consumable accessories
DescriptionProduct code
1. Pretreatment cartridge PWF-1 253099
2. Ion-exchange resin cartridge CPC-N CPCN30010
3. High-purity cartridge CPC-H CPCN30011
4. Membrane filter (2 filters/set) MFRL727  9020010004
5. TOC reducing UV sterilizing lamp UV-Y1  253250
6. Deaeration membrane module DGF-1 253249
7. Air Vent Filter for storage tankAVF-1(4210)  9020020001
8. TOC measurement UV lamp (WG280 only) UV-Y2 253251
9. Scale Remover (1kg) 8190010001



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Yamato Water Purifiers WG270/280 NEW


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