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LANCER 1600 PRO SS Pharmaceutical Production Washer Lance Spindle Head Washer

Washers/ Glassware >> LANCER 1600 PRO SS Pharmaceutical Production Washer Lance Spindle Head Washer

LANCER 1600 PRO SS Pharmaceutical Production Washer LANCER 1600 PRO SS Pharmaceutical Production Washer Lance Spindle Head Washer with multiple level washing capabilities is manufactured to exceed all GMP requirements used

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LANCER 1600 PRO SS Pharmaceutical Production Washer with multiple level washing capabilities is manufactured to exceed all GMP requirements and has the following features and options: 


Single door version:

Chamber Dimensions: 33.5"H x 27.75"W x 27.75"D
External Dimensions: 90.16"H x 47.64"W x 61.22"D

Double door version:

Chamber Dimensions: 33.5"H x 27.75"W x 27.75"D
External Dimensions: 90.16"H x 82.68"W x 36.02"D

Materials & Finishes

AISI 316L stainless steel chamber
1" radius corner chamber
Chamber polished Ra 0.6mm
AISI 316L stainless steel drop down door
AISI 304 stainless steel frame
AISI 316L stainless steel external panels
Chamber and panels insulated with "particle-free", non-chloride insulation
Hinged or removable maintenance access doors
3-A rated 316L stainless steel wash pump
AISI 316L stainless steel pipes, 1% slope minimum
Orbital welded piping, internal finish 0.6 mm Ra (excluding weld)
Connections via 316L stainless steel Tri-clamps (no threads)
AISI 316L stainless steel, pneumatically activated piston valves
Pneumatically actuated Sanitary Diaphragm valves

Drying System

Injection of hot filtered air into chamber (for drying outside of items)
Injection of hot filtered air into hydraulic circuit (for drying inside of items)
Pre-filter located upstream of drying components
HEPA filters located downstream of all drying components
Drying temperature, adjustable up to 110°C
HEPA filter loading alarm via a differential pressure switch
Magnehelic gauge for viewing of HEPA loading (OPTIONAL)
DOP Ports for HEPA filter integrity testing

Safety Features 

Pneumatic door locking during the cycle cool down phase
Interlocking doors (on double-door models)

Cleaning Chemicals

2 peristaltic pumps (standard)
Additional peristaltic pumps (OPTIONAL)
Liquid level detection
Verification of chemical addition via Conductivity meters (OPTIONAL) or pressure transmitters (OPTIONAL)

Control Systems 

LANCER Controls

LANCER Programmable microprocessor, 2-line display interface

Allen Bradley Controls (OPTIONAL)

Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), PV 600 color touch screen, DH communications (OPTIONAL)
Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), with Ethernet connection, PV 600 color touch screen (OPTIONAL)
"PACK " for Allen Bradley PLC: (OPTIONAL)40-column built in printer

Hydraulic circuit pressure sensor
2 pressure sensors for monitoring of chemical addition

RS-232 output port (if controlled by microprocessor)
Validation monitor (OPTIONAL)Monitoring of final rinse conductivity (OPTIONAL)

Separate temperature probes
Hydraulic circuit pressure sensor
2 pressure sensors controlling chemical dispensing

Monitoring of wash solution conductivity (OPTIONAL)
Sampling port and sampling valve (OPTIONAL)

Cycle Configuration

User-programmable, password protected cycle parameters (temperature, times, cycle phases)
Number of rinses programmable
Single pass final rinse (OPTIONAL)


Complete validation documentation including IQ/OQ protocols (FAT, SAT), roughness and weld certificates
Material conformity declaration
Fully traceable material certificates (OPTIONAL)


Cold water supply
Hot water supply
Water supply, purified/USP/WFI
Loop actuation (WFI) (OPTIONAL)
Steam heating
Electric heating (OPTIONAL)
Compressed air
Gravity drain
Steam chimney
Butterfly valve on steam chimney (OPTIONAL)


Electrical inspection by an independent agency (OPTIONAL)
Hydraulic test on steam coil by an independent agency (OPTIONAL)

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