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Sonntek, Inc. is an authorized distributor of HPLC autosamplers from Spark HollandTM. A wide selection of models allows Sonntek to provide a broad choice of desirable features, at competitive prices.


The QC Workhorse

BasicMarathon has been designed for Quality Control HPLC. Whenever large numbers of samples must be analyzed via dedicated HPLC procedures, BasicMarathon is the best choice! Available with a peltier sample cooling option.

BasicMarathon, the smallest in the Spark Holland family of autosamplers, is a great performer in the very basics of autosampling: non-stop running with maximum precision. Not hindered by any extravagancies, the BasicMarathon is ideal to automate simple routine analysis at minimum costs.

Integrated thermo-electric cooling and so small! Many samples require refrigeration to keep them stable and many labs require instruments with a small footprint because bench space is expensive. The BasicMarathon offers both! The compact size of the standard unit remains unchanged when the thermo-electric (peltier) cooling device is installed inside its cabinet. With 96 vial capacity and vial volume up to 5 µl this autosampler is really a small giant.

Well plate feeder for high throughput analysis.
Designed Especially For Well Plates, But Suitable For Vials

Spark's new Endurance autosampler is designed for well plates. Endurance injects from well plates with the same outstanding performance you appreciated so much in our advanced Triathlon autosampler. Plus, you may choose virtually any well plate you like.

Well plates have a great future as universal sample carriers in the analytical laboratory. Well plates are economic in use, available in a variety of materials and sizes, can be sealed, and fit in a growing number of instruments such as the 96 well SPE manifolds. Clearly, such a sample carrier format ought to be compatible with your HPLC or MS autosampler.

But, well plates were not designed for HPLC autosampling and HPLC autosamplers were not prepared for today's variety of well plates. Consequently, a compromise on injection performance and plate selection had to be accepted. Until now! Spark's Endurance autosampler is designed for well plates. Endurance injects from well plates with the same outstanding performance you appreciated so much in our advanced Triathlon autosampler. Plus, you may choose virtually any well plate you like. So, if your HPLC needs well plates, serve it à la carte with Endurance from Spark.

For Demanding Routine Analysis

With integrated column oven, programmable injection volumes, reagent addition capability and sample tray cooling, Midas is the ideal autosampler for demanding routine analyses.

You are operating HPLC systems and you need to increase sample throughput, you must comply with GMP/GLP directives, and you want a substantial cost reduction. You may feel that only magic can achieve all this. But, there is another way: efficient automation with Midas, the autosampler that does exactly what you need at a lower cost than you might think.

Midas has been designed to meet the challenge of the modern analytical laboratory: robust, cost-effective and easy to implement with GLP compliance. Column temperature control and sample cooling are essential for consistent results. Midas offers both! High resolution syringe control guarantees superior precision for injection and reagent addition. And, for quick service, the entire injection valve can be replaced in seconds! So much performance, with so little investment. It's like magic!

Advanced Features

Triathlon is the most advanced member of the Spark Holland family of autosamplers, featuring micro-sample handling, reagent addition and inert sampling with PEEK or fused silica needles. A wide range of sample vials may be used and peltier cooling is available for the sample tray.

Top performance in autosampling takes a Triathlon, the new, versatile, all-around autosampler from Spark Holland with exceptional endurance. With impressive records in injection precision, micro-volume handling and sample capacity and with advanced options like peltier sample cooling and integrated stream switching, the Triathlon is designed to become a medalist!

Of course... the Triathlon offers the injection performance you may expect from state-of-the-art autosampling technology: 0.3% RSD for flushed loop injections, 0.5% RSD for partial loop filling down to 5 µL and zero sample loss injection capability. Yes, we offer efficient needle wash from a large integrated solvent reservoir. We offer 96 standard sample vial capacity in removable tray segments.


Column Ovens






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