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BRAUN Glove Box MBRAUN Glove Box MB-Unilab Pro SP (1250/780) used nice

Glove Box >> BRAUN Glove Box MBRAUN Glove Box MB-Unilab Pro SP (1250/780) used nice

BRAUN Glove Box MBRAUN Glove Box MB-Unilab Pro SP (1250/780) used nice
Glovebox with gas purification for the work under controlled atmosphere with
Model: modular extension box system MB-MOD, single sided glovebox,
1 user workstation; antechamber installed on right side
Internal workspace dimensions:
1250 mm (W) x 780 mm (D) x 900 mm (H)


Many options-

Gas purifier: fully automatic 1-filter column gas circulation system for cleaning inert gas and to absorb O2 and H2O;
Working gas: the system can be operated with Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar) or Helium (He)

For gloveboxes up to 5m3 volume
Filter capacity: 36 l O2 (Oxygen) and 1300 g H2O (Moisture)*
Circulation blower: up to 88 m3/h*, frequency controlled; vibration dampened, without heat load generation
(water-cooled heat exchanger available as an option)
Filter column valves: electro-pneum. main valves Filter column regeneration: automatic sequencing program
Control unit: PLC - M.Braun with color touch panel (7")
Automatic box pressure control in adjustable range between -15 to +15 mbar (box can be operated at over- or under pressure)
Additional foot switch to change box pressure during operation;
Economical and power saving operation mode (MB- EcoMode) available as an option.

Standard features (for additional information, please see actual product info):

1 pc. Glovebox MB-MOD; Stainless steel 1.4301 (SUS304) inside brushed, outside RAL 9003; Leakrate <0.05Vol%/h (Class 1 according ISO 10648 -2)

Connection flanges with screwed side panels to combine with additional gloveboxes;
1 pc. stand, height 1000 mm; incl. castors and machine feet (height adjustable)

1 pc. Circulation pipework stainless steel
1 pc. front window: declined front side for ergonomically operation;
Material Polycarbonate with SAPHIR hard coating (resistant to many chemicals and scratches)
2 pc. Gloveport feedthroughs,
diameter 220 mm

incl. gloves (Butyl, 0.4mm, size L)
1 pc. Lighting (frontside)
1 pc. Main antechamber, d=390 mm, l=600 mm; manual operated doors,
incl. sliding tray inside; right side wall manual Evacuation/Refill with ball valve
1 pc. Gas purifier (1-Filter)
1 pc. Rotary vane pump with a rated pumping speed of up to 17 m3/h (10 CFM)*; incl. oil mist filter and oil return kit
3 pcs. Height adjustable shelves
1 pc. Electrical feedthrough 115V, 1 ph
4 pcs. Flanges DN40 for installation of feedthroughs
2 pcs. HEPA H13 dust filter (gas inlet /-outlet)

System combinable with additional options.

*Technical note: Dependent upon operating conditions.


MB-EcoMode $ 1600-USD
Function extension with Eco-Mode
For an economical and power saving operation of
all MBraun glovebox workstations and gas purifiers type Labstar, Unilab, Labmaster & MB-20G or 200G. Including:
- The vacuum pump can be switched off when the vacuum antechamber(s) are not used for a longer time.
- Positive Pressure regulation without vacuum pump consumption
- Automatic box light switch off
With this option the power consumption of the system can be reduced by up to 90% and the noise level in the laboratory is minimized.
Only available for new systems.
An M. Braun exclusive.

Vacuum Pump Upgrade $ 3605-USD
Additional charge for upgrade to Edwards nXDS10i dry scroll vacuum pump for all MBraun systems with standard oil-sealed vacuum pump (RV12)

MB-MO-SE1-PLC $ 3555.00
H2O analyzer
Solid state H2O analyzer, PLC controlled, Measuring range: 0-500ppm

MB-OX-SE1-PLC $ 4275.00
O2 Analyzer
Solid state O2 analyzer, PLC controlled, Measuring range: 0-1000 ppm

Internal Glove Port Cover diam. 220mm $ 385.00

Unilab heat exchanger option $ 825.00
Water-cooled heat exchanger option for Unilab model gas purification system, for the removal of residual heat caused during normal glovebox operation.*Not required for normal glovebox operation.

Chiller 1/4hp Air Cooled Closed Loop $ 3215.00
Includes (1) Nylon Fitting 1/2 BARB X 3/8 MPT

my MBRAUN Interface $ 495.00
Hardware to be installed in electrical cabinet to
allow data communication between the glovebox and myMBRAUN App.

BRAUN Glove Box MBRAUN Glove Box MB-Unilab Pro SP (1250/780) used nice

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