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Baths-Water >> Shaking Water Bath Gallenkamp Model BKS-350

1/each Shaking Water Bath Gallenkamp Model BKs-350 000014, Large Capacity Bath, Reciprocating, to 100 celcius, Variable Speed 20-200/min, Newer Digital Type, Interior Dimensions 500mm wide x 300mm deep x 200mm high, 27L liquid capacity, real nice condition $ 1077.88/each with cover

Baxter Durabath Water Bath Baxter W2975-22 Baxter Water bath Lab-line W2975Water bath used nice

Bellco Shaking Water Bath Bellco SCI-ERA Shaking Heating Water Bath Digital, Speed Control

Bellco Shaking Water Bath Bellco SCI-ERA Shaking Heating Water Bath Digital, Speed Control used unit 2

Benchmark Scientific B2000-4 MyBath 4L Digital Water Bath, includes tube racks for 1.5/2.0, 15 and 50ml tubes NEW THREE YEAR WARRANTY

Dual Poly Pro Bath Model RS-PB-200 Polypropylene Chamber low level alarm Water Bath NEW TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Fisher Scientific ISOTEMP 205 Water bath Fisher Scientific 205 Isotemp Water Bath used ships tested and working- inquire for availability

Fisher Waterbath Model 102 real nice

Fisher Waterbath Model 110 Isotemp

Fisher Waterbath Model 228 Digital Isotemp

Forma Scientific Model 2568 Shaker Water Bath Forma 2568 forma Scientific 2568 used tested working 90 day depot warranty Forma 2568 Shaking Water Bath

Labline Shaker Water Bath Orbital 3540 000489B

Labline Shaker Water Bath Orbital 3540 000489C

Mini Pro Bath Model RS-PB-50 Water Bath Media Bath Small Chamber Water Bath NEW TWO YEAR WARRANTY

New Brunswick Innova 3100 Shaker Water bath New Brunswick M1231 Shaking Water bath used tested works nice heats and shakes

Poly ProBath Model RS-PB-100 Polypropylene Chamber Low water Detection NEW TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Precision 180 Series Water bath Dual Bath System Thermo Precision Water Bath 180 Series used nice

Precision Model 50 Shaking Water Bath

Precision Scientific Coliform Bath 66850

Precision Shaking Water Bath Newer Model 50

Precision Water bath working $ 100-

Precison Model 270 Recirculating Water Bath Precision 66567

Precison Scientific 66567 Digital Circulating Bath

Shaker Bath Labline Model 3540 000503

Shaking Water Bath Gallenkamp Model BKS-350

Speed Pro Bath Model RS-SP-100 Water Bath Fast WAter Bath Rapid heat Water bath NEW TWO YEAR WARRANTY NEW

Techne Calibration Liquid Calibration Baths LCB–5,LCB–7,LCB–12 NEW THREE YEAR WARRANTY

Techne Fluidized Bath Model SBS-2 000241

Thermo 2864 Thermo 51221-035 Thermo Circulating Water Bath Thermo Precision Model 2864 Thermo Precision 51221-080 water bath used tested and working Thermo 3166686

Thermo 2870 Thermo 51221-080 Model25 Thermo Shaking Water Bath Thermo Precision Model 2870 Thermo Precision 51221-080 water bath used tested and working

Thermo Model 25 Thermo Shaking Water bath Precision Scientific Model 25 PRECISION Shaking Water Bath Digital, Precision Shaking Water bath . used very nice

Thermo Precision 253 Water bath Precision Scientific 51221-033 Thermo 51221033 Precision 51221033 Precision Model 253 Thermo are designed specifically for fecal coliform determination

Thermo Precision 280 Series Water Bath Precision 280 Water Bath Precision Heating Water Bath with co

Thermo Scientific Precision Circulating Thermo Water Bath 260 Thermo 2864 Thermo 51221-035 Water Bath Circulating used

Thermo Scientific Precision Circulating Water Bath 270 Thermo 2868 Precision 270 Model Water Bath Precision Water Bath used tested working

Thermo Scientific Precision Circulating Water Bath Precision Scientific Model 265 Thermo 2866 Thermo 265 Thermo Scientific 265 Precision Scientific 5122-1039 used Circulating Water bath

VWR 1200 Water Bath

VWR 1265PM Water bath heating water bath

VWR Model 1235PC Water Bath Heating with Cover


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

NEW ARRIVALS/JUST IN: Great Quality Used Equipment




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Used equipment specials


1. EXPERIENCED-We have been building labs, equipping labs, and supplying lab equipment parts and service for over 20 years. With over 100 years of combined lab equipment experience at our site and working with many experienced technicians, we try to offer the right equipment at the right price for you, our partner.

2. SAVE MONEY- We sell, lease, and rent - You save money, 5-70% off original retail, so you get great equipment at a great price.

3. WARRANTY -We offer a warranty on our refurbished equipment and new manufacturer warranty on new equipment.

4. SERVICE- We offer instrument service, refurbishment validations, and calibrations at great rates and skill levels.

5. INSTRUMENT PARTS- We sell new instrument parts and new equipment parts and hard to find used older parts

6. UNIQUE- We are an independent dealer and also sell used instruments, such as AA, FTIR, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, ICP, ICP/MS, Particle Size Analysis, UV/VIS, and UV/VIS/NIR. This equipment is manufactured by companies like Agilent, Hewlett Packard, Waters, Hitachi, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Beckman, and more. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THESE COMPANIES IN ANY WAY!

7. BUILD LABS- We well discounted made in USA Lab Casework, Fume hoods, Blowers, Safety Cabinets, and Clean Benches.

8. CASH PAID-Top dollar paid, and you can sell your excess, obsolete, surplus equipment with us. We can buy it or sell on consignment.

9. DIVERSIFIED-We sell a very broad line of new and used Lab Equipment. See our detailed listing above.