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Nabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEW

Nabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEW
Nabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEWNabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEWNabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEW
click an image for more...Nabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEWNabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEWNabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEW

Nabertherm Chamber Ovens Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired NEW


"The chamber ovens of the KTR range can be used for complex drying processes and heat treatment of charges to an application temperature of 260 °C. The high-performance air circulation enables optimum temperature uniformity throughout the work space. A wide range of accessories allow the chamber ovens to be modified to meet specific process requirements. The design for the heat treatment of flammable materials in conformance with EN 1539 (NFPA 86) is available for all sizes." (Nabertherm)


Tmax 260  °C

Electrically heated (via a heating register with integrated chrome steel heating elements) or gas-fired (direct or indirect gas-fired including injection of the hot air into the intake duct)

Temperature uniformity up to +/- 3  °C according to DIN 17052-1 (for design wihout track cutouts)

High-quality mineral wool insulation provides for outer temperatures of < 25  °C above room temperature

High air exchange for fast drying processes

Double-wing door for furnaces KTR 3100 and larger

Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load

Incl. floor insulation

Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

NTLog Basic for Nabertherm Controller: Recording of process data with USB-flash drive


Additional equipment:

  • Track cutouts for level drive-in of charging cart
  • Base frame to charge the oven via a charging forklift
  • Additional Door in the back for charging from both sides or to use the oven as lock between two rooms
  • Fan system for faster cooling with manual or motor-driven control of the exhaust flaps
  • Programmed opening and closing of exhaust air flaps
  • Air circulation with speed control, recommendable for processes with light or sensitive charge
  • Observation window and furnace chamber lighting
  • Safety technology according to EN 1539 (NFPA 86) (models KTR .. LS) for charges containing solvents
  • Charging cart with or without rack system
  • Design for clean room heat treatment processes
  • Rotating systems for tempering processes
  • Process control and documentation via VCD software package or Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control


  • Adjustable plate shutters to adapt the air guide to the charge and improve temperature uniformity
  • Guide-in tracks and shelves
  • Shelves with 2/3 extraction with evenly distributed load on the whole shelve surface
  • Platform cart in combination with drive-in tracks
  • Charging cart with rack system in combination with drive-in tracks
  • Sealing shoes for ovens with drive-in tracks to improve temperature uniformity in the work space


ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeatingElectrical
     power in kW1 
 °Cwdhin lWDHKTR/KTR ..LSconnection*
KTR 1000 (LS) 260 1000 1000 1000 1000 1900 1430 1815 18/on request 3-phase
KTR 1500 (LS) 260 1000 1000 1500 1500 1900 1430 2315 18/36 3-phase
KTR 3100 (LS) 260 1250 1250 2000 3100 2150 1680 2905 27/45 3-phase
KTR 4500 (LS) 260 1500 1500 2000 4500 2400 1930 2905 45/54 3-phase
KTR 6125 (LS) 260 1750 1750 2000 6125 2650 2200 3000 45/63 3-phase
KTR 6250 (LS) 260 1250 2500 2000 6250 2150 3360 3000 54/on request 3-phase
KTR 8000 (LS) 260 2000 2000 2000 8000 2900 2450 3000 54/81 3-phase
KTR 9000 (LS) 260 1500 3000 2000 9000 2400 3870 3000 72/on request 3-phase
KTR 12300 (LS) 260 1750 3500 2000 12300 2650 4400 3000 90/on request 3-phase
KTR 16000 (LS) 260 2000 4000 2000 16000 2900 4900 3000 108/on request 3-phase
KTR 21300 (LS) 260 2650 3550 2300 21300 3800 4300 2500 108/on request 3-phase
KTR 22500 (LS) 260 2000 4500 2500 22500 2900 5400 3500 108/on request 3-phase

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